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High Publicity Cases
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About Mr. Fayne: High Publicity Cases

Mr. Fayne's most notorious case resulted in a media frenzy surrounding his client, requiring him to take care to protect his client from intense, negative publicity. His client's opponents viewed the media interest as an opportunity to grandstand, and they appeared on national morning shows and talk shows, where they spoke disparagingly of his client.

Despite the negative press, Mr. Fayne pressed ahead with his client's case, and was able to convince the trial court to reverse an early custody order that temporarily deprived his client of custody of her child. He dealt with the press, both after court appearances and at press conferences, protecting his client's dignity and privacy to the maximum possible degree.

If your case has the attention of the media, or if you believe that it will, why not go to an attorney who has experience handling the press. Mr. Fayne can also draw on the experience of the Fieger law firm, where he is "of counsel," a firm with a long history of handing controvercial cases, such as the "Jenny Jones" trial and the defense of Dr. Jack Kevorkian.

Being the focus of media attention can be a frightening, disconcerting experience. Make sure your attorney can protect your rights.