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When the parties to a divorce have accumulated substantial assets, achieving a fair settlement can be difficult. What is the value of a spouse's business or professional practice? Are you entitled to a "share" of your spouse's college degree? If you believe that your spouse has hidden assets, is it possible to locate them and obtain your share?

Mr. Fayne has represented the spouses of people who have engaged in questionable, and even illegal, tactics in order to hide marital assets. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to find hidden assets, but Mr. Fayne has developed skills in both finding those assets and in convincing courts to "impute" assets and income to a spouse so as to secure a larger share of the marital estate for his client.

Mr. Fayne also has skills in resolving complex estate issues, such as the division of stock option rights and self-administered pension plans. These skills come into play even in smaller estates, where Mr. Fayne's knowledge and his close relationship with accounting professionals helps secure a fair evaluation and division of the estate.

When you get divorced, you need to make sure that your assets, retirement benefits, and access to future health benefits are protected to the maximim extent possible. Protect your rights by hiring a qualified attorney.