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Child Custody Issues
Estate Issues




Mr. Fayne's family law practice frequently involves large estates, with complicated issues. He has represented spouses facing issues that confound many family law practitioners, such as:

Mr. Fayne also handles smaller divorce matters, and child custody litigation.

Mr. Fayne can utilize the skills he has honed through years of trial work, and through his handling of high end divorce cases to assist people with smaller marital estates. In fact, it may in fact be cheaper to utilize Mr. Fayne's services than those of a "cheaper" attorney, due to his knowledge and skill in family law matters.

Mr. Fayne is often asked to take over cases where other attorneys have been unable to achieve good results for their clients, or have made mistakes which have hurt their clients' cases. Please be careful when hiring an attorney, as if you don't achieve a good result in your initial divorce or custody litigation, you may find yourself unable to ever get a fair share of the marital estate or custody of your children. Even the best attorney can't always fix mistakes made early in divorce and custody litigation.