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Estate: Real Estate & Corporate matters

Mr. Fayne has a long history of litigating corporate and real estate matters. Although his family law specialty has grown, he has continued to litigate select corporate and real estate cases.

Mr. Fayne has represented family corporations and individuals in civil litigation. His clients are often fighting against powerful corporations or governmental agencies, and need strong, effective representation.

Mr. Fayne's high end family law practice also often requires that he deal with difficult corporate and real estate issues, evaluating stock agreements, title to real estate, questionable corporate transactions, and valuation issues.

Mr. Fayne enjoys a close, personal relationship with a number of family businesses and small corporations. He enjoys being able to use his skills as a lawyer to achieve good results for his clients, even when he seems to be working "against the odds." Fortunately for his clients, Mr. Fayne has a knack for obtaining favorable results, even in difficult cases.