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Child Custody

Barry Fayne represents parents and grandparents involved in child custody litigation. He has developed considerable skill in custody disputes, and can sometimes achieve custody settlements that had seemed impossible. When necessary, he will take your custody case to trial.

childrenMr. Fayne is experienced with the use of experts at trial, including psychologists and financial experts. He will utilize experts and consultants to protect and advance your interests, whether to achieve a more favorable settlement or to advance your interests at trial.

Mr. Fayne is also experienced with
interstate custody litigation.

Sometimes, parents don't understand or forget the consequence of losing a custody case. In most circumstances, a custodial parent can move far away from a non-custodial parent, and courts frequently allow moves to different states and even different countries. Even a parent who is not seeking custody can benefit from strong representation, which may result in a settlement that makes it harder for the custodial parent to move away with the children.

If you are fighting for custody of your children, or if you want to protect your ability to see your children after the divorce is final, you need an attorney who knows how to protect your rights. Hiring the wrong attorney can be a mistake that you will regret the rest of your life.