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Divorce: Appeals

Mr. Fayne has represented many clients in efforts to seek new trials, post-judgment relief, or appellate relief.

Mr. Fayne strongly believes that you must do things right the first time. Decisions in custody and parental rights cases can be very stressful for judges, and few judges are willing to change their minds once they enter a judgment. Appellate courts are slow to grant relief.

Clients are sometimes surprised to learn how much it can cost to obtain post-judgment or appellate representation. An appeal can cost as much or more than a trial. Post-judgment motions may require more time in preparation and in court than were involved in obtaining the judgment

Even the best appellate representation cannot help you if your trial counsel did not know how to make a record for the appeal. And in family law and parental rights matters, the "standard of review" is structured so that the vast majority of cases are affirmed on appeal -- that is to say, relief is rarely granted. While Mr. Fayne provides very effective, competent representation on appeal, there are some cases where even the best representation cannot undo a miscarriage of justice.

Please make sure that you hire a good attorney and get things done right the first time. Mr. Fayne can help you try to obtain a better result, but you are best served by hiring a good attorney from the start. Get things done right the first time, as you may not get another chance.