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About Mr. Fayne

Barry Fayne is a matrimonial law specialist, representing clients in the context of divorce, child custody, and parental rights proceedings. He also provides litigation services for corporate and real estate disputes.

Mr. Fayne believes that, whenever possible, a divorce should be resolved amicably. When children are involved, the parents have to work with each other for years after the divorce is final, and a bitter divorce can result in endless, expensive "post-judgment" litigation. Even in the most bitter of divorces, a negotiated settlement will bring a sense of closure to a relationship, while a judge's decision will often cause both spouses to feel like they "lost."

If negotiations fail, Mr. Fayne is a skilled trial lawyer, and is ready to fight for your rights. Prior to specializing in family law, Mr. Fayne successfully litigated cases against national corporations. As a prominent family law specialist, Mr. Fayne has tried cases against many of Michigan's elite family law practitioners.

Some attorneys will talk tough, but are unprepared to try cases, and will settle cases for inadequate amounts if their only other choice is to go to trial. Attorneys who know Mr. Fayne know that he is a seasoned trial attorney, that the threat of litigation doesn't scare him, and that he will fight for his clients' rights.

Mr. Fayne's practice areas include family law, elder law and grandparent's right, probate law and trust litigation, real estate law, and corporate law. He has been litigating cases since 1973, in both state and federal courts.