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You Owe Yourself Better

It is hard to imagine how difficult a divorce can be, until you are involved in one. Suddenly, the unthinkable is happening, and a divorce has become inevitable. At this point, you can decide to wage a bitter war, or you can try to negotiate a reasonable outcome.

Mr. Fayne has worked on many divorce cases where it seemed that the spouses would never agree on anything, and has managed to find common ground.

Do you really want a judge to decide how your property is divided? Do you want a judge to decide what is in the "best interest" of your children? Mr. Fayne believes that the best result is achieved through negotiation, not by an edict from a judge. The judge won't have to live with his decision -- you will.

Do yourself a favor from the start, and hire an attorney who cares about your welfare.

When A War Can't Be Avoided

Sometimes, a war cannot be avoided. Sometimes, one spouse hires an attorney who uses "scorched earth" tactics, and attempts to destroy or wear down the other spouse in order to gain custody of the children, or to get a bigger share of the marital estate. Sometimes, a spouse will seek to get "revenge" through the divorce process, rather than trying to achieve a fair result. Sometimes a spouse unwittingly hires an attorney who tries to create conflict in order to generate a larger fee.

Mr. Fayne knows how to fight for your rights, and can usually overcome hostile tactics from the other side. And when the other side simply won't listen to reason, Mr. Fayne knows how to take your case to trial.

Does your spouse think that you are going to hire an attorney who is afraid of trying your case, or that you can be bullied into settling for less than you are entitled to receive? Mr. Fayne has litigated cases against most of Michigan's elite family practitioners, and is not afraid to stand up for your rights.

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